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We Approach Management Consultancy is a Hospitality and food service consulting company that assists restaurant clients worldwide and provide expert service in new restaurant startup ventures, troubleshooting jobitel projects, and assisting underperforming or failing restaurants.

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Seasoned business executives with industry experience, consult and aid clients.


Experience friendly customer service and knowledgeable support when you work with us.


We make it a point to deliver high quality services at affordable prices to our clients


Our team is updated with the current market trends and the policies in the global market



Management & Consultancy

Approach assist entrepreneurs who come up with great ideas, challenges and opportunities for start-up ventures and commercial establishments with visions, diversification plans to expand into newer horizons.

Property Leasing and Management

We have massive industry experience in offering quality and superb property management services. When you use us, we ensure your home is leased in the shortest time possible thanks to our proven marketing tools and strategies.

Accounting services and consultants

Approach has in-house qualified and experienced accounting professional team members will carry out accounting services as per International Accounting Standards and as per IFRS requirements.

Hospitality Services and Accommodation bookings

We have a team of hotel accommodation consultants with wide-ranging expertise in identifying and handling the most suitable accommodation options for any conference.

Restaurant Management & Operation

We incorporate proven systems and streamlined operations throughout restaurant and food service outlets with measurable financial results.

What we do


Food & Beverage

Our services encompass operational assessments and menu enhancement recommendations. Our goal is to help you to become a more profitable and successful venture by creating a menu that delivers the ‘wow’ in flavor and visual appeal while considering targeted food cost, profit contribution and the potential for consistent execution

Food Photography

As simple as it might sound, a well-conducted photo shoot yields simply stunning results and can provide businesses with numerous advantages and benefits. Photographs of the food in menus, restaurant website, social media platforms or anywhere else, immediately catch the eye and tantalize the taste buds.


Strategic marketing programs and consumer messaging are developed to meet specific marketing goals. We also perform marketing assessments, which involve a thorough review of existing marketing strategies and materials.




Our team work with you to analyze training gaps and develop learning experiences that will make a positive impact. Want to improve individual performance through core business and soft skills training? Increase department efficiency by increasing technical know -

Menu Planning

AMC’s team of culinary experts can create menus and menu items for independent and multi-unit concepts alike, understanding that menu creation is a balancing act where items must be at once crave-able, driving guest loyalty, and profitable.

Daily Operations

Keeping a keen eye on its day to day activities help monitor the intrinsic value of the business as an income-generating asset. We can help by simplifying day to day restaurant management, which directly benefits the business

Cost control

Using a variety of planning, monitoring, and evaluation techniques, you can continually manage expenses to ensure you remain profitable without sacrificing quality. We assist you with proper menu planning, sales forecasting and employee training by which you can prevent overspending on staff and supplies and still provide excellent quality dishes and service.

Fitout & Designs

We help design new restaurants or remodel environments for existing restaurants. Whether it’s an external restaurant facade upgrade, a complete interior restaurant design or simply sign design, we create the most impressive, timeless, solution-oriented restaurant design in the market today.

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